Monday, May 3, 2010

Readers' podcast reports

Podcasters and podcast listeners can report their podcasts to this blog. If I do not manage to review myself, your own words about the podcast will be published.

Here are a number of recent podcast reports I received:
Hey, Anne. Could l interest you in reviewing Chicken Fried Radio?
We’d be more than happy to return the favor by pimping your blog and podcast on the show.

It’s a topical comedy show based in Austin, TX, and we’ve been doing it for five years now. Here’s a recent review of Chicken Fried Radio from a local university

We will most definitely share your review, whether positive or negative, on the show.

Christian Huey
Chicken Fried Radio
Facebook: Chicken Fried Radio

Perrynoid is Back!

Internet sensation, comedian, and musician Perrynoid is back with a brand new show called Perrynoid Uncensored. To call it a talk show would be calling Mt Everest a hill.

Perrynoid Uncensored is a comedy extravaganza that tackles every strange and fascinating news story of the day broken down and explained by the bizarre and always hilarious mind of Perrynoid. Every show features a wide variety of guests from Guinness World Record Holders to Competitive Eating Champions. Perrynoid Uncensored is a thrill-ride of the weird and keeps you laughing and hungry for more!

Perrynoid is the ringleader for this 60 minute, bi-weekly, “one of a kind” program that has developed a strong online presence throughout the US & Canada reaching nearly 10 thousand downloads per show. Perrynoid Uncensored is readily available in several formats for convenient listening - including “On-Demand” streaming.

New episodes are posted on every other Saturday at 9PM EST.
Podcast subscribers receive the show earlier in the day, PLUS additional content not found on the website. All available listening formats are 100% FREE.

Perrynoid is an internet radio pioneer. He created The Cosmic Circus, an online variety radio program, in 1998 and became known as an ‘internet phenom’ after reaching nearly 15 thousand daily listeners. Perrynoid has appeared on several major radio programs in the United States including The Ron and Fez Show, The Don and Mike Show, The John DeBella Show, and The Giant Show. Perrynoid is a comedian and a musician. His unique musical contributions to radio shows have made him an industry name. Perrynoid currently lives in Washington DC.

Jimmy Bruton
Hi Anne,

This podcast, Curiosity Aroused seems right down your alley. Maybe not the most recent with the 30 myths about dogs, although you might have a dog and be interested ...

However, the other subjects seem like the sort of thing you'd like.

Anne The Man,

Hello. My name is Robert Hamilton, the co-producer of a short comedy podcast called "THE ALLIGATOR - I Might Be A Croc, I Don't Know - SHOW".

We've just started our sixth week of podcasting, and have about a year's worth already recorded and in the queue. I'm sure you know how challenging building an audience can be, especially with any form of offbeat humor that is looking for its niche. We've been performing these sorts of skits for family and friends for years, and were urged by several people to go public with them. The premise takes a little getting used to, and is certainly not intended for a broad audience. Needless to say, it might not be your cup of brew. But then again, it might just bite your funny bone.

This podcast features our friend, Alligator, in skits from an imaginary swamp. Alligator spouts thought-provoking nonsense, and eats almost anything he can get his jaws around. He's no dummy, though: In the midst of his babble you'll likely hear references to science, math, technology, and arcane vocabulary, as well as thinly veiled commentary on contemporary topics. Alligator is always coming up with new theories and inventions, which may amuse and will definitely confound you. Sometimes surreal, often thoughtful, and full of improvisation.

On the off chance that you might actually listen to several of these shows, please be advised that listening to Alligator is like eating hot peppers: You don't want to consume too many at one time!
These podcasts are usually less than 10 minutes.

Our shows are also available on iTunes -- for free, of course.

Three of my own favorites:
1. Out of Swamp Experience:
It isn't just an "out-of-body-experience when Alligator has an out-of-swamp experience.
2. Book of Truth:
Have you ever wondered how ultimate truths are derived? Then just listen to this episode...
3. The Green Cheese Conspiracy:
Alligator reveals that the moon actually IS made of green cheese!

Thanks for listening. Be sure to drop by our swamp for dinner as soon as possible...

Bob Hamilton,
The Alligator Show
Marco Raaphorst has left a new comment on your post "Report a podcast (2)":

Mooie nieuwe ontdekkingen gedaan, waarvoor dank!
Ik maak zelf ook een podcast sinds 4 weken:
Melodiefabriek Uitgesproken

Ga zo door, beste overzicht podcasts dat ik ken!

Groeten uit Den Haag,
Marco Raaphorst