Friday, January 8, 2010

Report a podcast (2)

Maybe I should stop complaining about not getting enough feedback on the blog. It is not getting me any more feedback anyway and there is one type of response I get so much of, I cannot handle it and that is the Report a Podcast section.

Podcasts of the most varied kinds are reported to me with a request to review. I used to want to review them all, but I have given up on those that simply do not fit well with the main stream of this blog. However, I loath to see all that effort go wasted and so here is an idea for change:

If you want to submit a podcast for reviewing, accompany it with a small description or review of your own. If I do not come round reviewing the podcast that same month (or even week if the flow will expand some more), I will post what YOU have written at the end of the month (or week). And thus, none of the recommendations have to go lost.

You can communicate your podcast tips by leaving a comment anywhere in the blog or send me a mail, Anne Frid de Vries (in one word) AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk. Less preferable to me, though it can work as well is letting me know through Twitter or Facebook or Stumbleupon.

Before you report, check with the list of reviewed podcasts. There are so many of them, yours may be there already.

To begin, here is one such request that has been lying around:
Hi Anne,
I recently discovered your site on a google alert and have spent more time than I should listening to and enjoying (for the most part) the range of podcasts you've listed. I've been working my podcast for a year or so and would like your input.
Thanks for your consideration and for your hard work at maintaining your site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
Sounds like you have a good plan here.

Perhaps one of the signs of your success is how many unrelated podcasts you are asked to review.

In circumstances where you cannot do the review yourself, your willingness to essentially allow people to make a guest post as a reviewer is very generous. Not everyone who is as well established as you are would be willing to do that.

Semper Pax, John

With Cheese said...

Hello Anne

Seeing as there is a chance this comment will go ahead if you don't get a chance to review the podcast I'm going to say that "With Cheese" is the world's most direct source of profound knowledge and insight, at absolutely no cost to the listener they are transported on a journey into the minds of four of today's greatest thinkers, only to be shot out into the world an hour or so later fundamentally changed and at least one stop past their chosen destination.
I hope for the sake of those seeking divine inspiration that you can find the time to review "With Cheese" and see that I may have exaggerated the wisdom, but underplayed the humour.
(also available on the UK itunes but i couldn't find a direct much for wise eh?)
we can also be contacted at

Thanks very much
The chaps at with cheese

dan said...
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dan said...

Hey Anne,

I like the site and wanted to request a review.

The Bob and Dan Cast ( It's comedy and film mostly but sometimes it goes other places.

I won't leave a review, as doing so would be a tad unethical (I'm the Dan in "Bob and Dan")

Not sure if you take requests from the podcasters themselves, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

Keep up the good work!


Marco Raaphorst said...

Mooie nieuwe ontdekkingen gedaan, waarvoor dank!

Ik maak zelf ook een podcast sinds 4 weken:

Ga zo door, beste overzicht podcasts dat ik ken!

Groeten uit Den Haag,

Marco Raaphorst