Monday, April 4, 2011

Rachel the poetess - Biocast

A new Israeli podcast has begun to publish: BioCast which does fifteen minute biographies of the most divergent characters - from scientists to pop musicians, biocast does them all. In addition, it has two tiny rubrics at the end of each show, one in which for half a minute little children associate on the theme of the show (for example on the question what is an explosion after the bio of Robert E. Oppenheim) and after that something that sounds like a Rabbi giving his Judaism inspired take on the same theme. I have not decided yet whether that last entry is serious or not. (feed)

The last chapter really stood out. It took on the biography of the Hebrew Poetess known as Rachel. The show really expressed a great love for her persona and for her poetry, replete with extensive readings and, obviously, song. For those who master the Hebrew language, this is really a must listen.

As with many beginner podcasts, Biocast is still struggling with audio quality. Not only are the recordings not yet up to speed, the total production has varying sound levels which makes for very irritating fluctuations in the volume. I am sure that will be sorted out in due time. And by all means, this should not scare you away from listening about Rachel.

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