Friday, April 3, 2009

The hollow earth at The Memory Palace

The Memory Palace (feed) is a podcast that one must listen to. The less said about it the better. This is a podcast of experience one must undergo without me giving away anything of it.

But if you are still here, know at least this: episode 8 of this series is out and is titled The World Within The World and you will enjoy yet another tale Nat DiMeo dug up from history. It is about a man who posed as a doctor and dwindled into believing in his own fantasies. Told with DiMeo's style that is to apt for ironic tragedy.

If you are missing episode 7 from the feed (as I do), know then that you can download it from the site anyway (L'il Nipper - the file). I guess there is something wrong with the file that prevents feedburner from properly channeling it through. Do not let this technicality stop you from listening.

More The Memory Palace:
The Memory Palace - history narration.

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