Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The weekly treat: In Our Time

I do not expect that readers of this blog really need a reminder of the excellent weekly podcast of the BBC In Our Time. Each week Melvyn Bragg is joined in the studio by three specialist to talk about various subjects in the history of ideas. Since my last review we have heard about the Dreyfus affair, the death of Elizabeth I and the geological formation of Britain. Tomorrow there will be a new podcast. This time about Schopenauer.

In Our Time has been bringing 45 minutes of sheer intellectual pleasure over the past years. And so, what more is to be said? The BBC and Melvyn Bragg understand the asset they have with IOT and have published the In Our Time book. Although the BBC website presents this as a guide to IOT, is merely a set of transcripts of selected chapters.

As is usual with books these day, teasers can be had over the web and so, you can read a transcript of the episode about calendars. Also in print IOT displays here the wonderful quality it offers in podcast.

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Gary said...

the BBC is always a great source of podcasts. I also find ABC Radio National also an excellent source.

of course, I'm biased (being Australian) but some of the science and general analysis podcasts are well produced and contain excellent info.


Unknown said...

You are right. I know two of those. The philosopher zone, which, I think, has its lapses. And Rear Vision, which I like and review regularly.
Thanks for the link to the complete list. Looks extensive and containing quite a few programs I must check out.