Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making Love in the Kitchen - Meghan Telpner

Here is a podcast I ran into by accident Making Love in the Kitchen. Meghan Telpner is a nutritionist who keeps a blog and podcast about healthy living. She takes an angle on diet that is very much to my liking: in stead of suggesting some short term regimen that will bring the kilos off, she concentrates on what is healthy food and emphasizes how you can feel better, including losing superfluous weight, by cooking right, eating well and living properly. I for one can say that this way, I keep my weight right. (feed)

I have listened to two episodes. One is episode #2 (A Diet That Works: Healthy Living) in which she interviews one of her clients about her new life style. What comes out is almost a gourmet conversation, you will almost forget that the original point of it all was weight loss. The two ladies discuss cooking, recipes, ingredients and it sounds plentiful all day long. But the efficacy lies herein that food is prepared with good, natural components, the meal is enjoyed in time and consequently there is no snacking in between and no intake of bad fats and sugars.

The other episode I listened to was #9 (What’s In A Supplement) in which Telpner interviews Alain Roy about supplements. Supplements are not food and do not replace food, they are taken as additives to specifically address an issue. Whether it is vitamins, minerals or others, whether separate or in combination, Roy tries to point out how to choose the right supplement. He also gets the opportunity to expand upon the product of the company he works for which makes it come rather close to a promotional talk, but surely his narrative is very interesting.
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