Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran news evaluation - Pods and Blogs

Among all the one-liners on Twitter and the videos on YouTube - how do you weed out the real news from Iran and decide what is reliable and newsworthy and what is not? BBC's Pods and Blogs is the podcast to tackle this question. (feed)

Pods and Blogs is the program about the forefront of modern media. Channels like Twitter and YouTube have proved before that they are the fastest deliverers of news on great confusions such as the Mumbai attacks and the earthquake in China. Especially what facts the authorities try to steer the public away from, can be found on Twitter, blogs, YouTube and Web2.0 on the whole. Pods and Blogs has been reporting on that forever. Now for the selection of news.

Pods and Blogs's Jamilah interviews on-line editors about their methods to select from the unorganized multitude of sources on the web. What struck me was the way a contact is established. Not the first item is taken from one source, but rather a typical social web connection is built and on the basis of developed trust, the material is taken seriously. A bottom-line for Iran appears to be that the uprising is not against the regime, but more so against the style of authority. The protests are against the lies, the repression, the state control, not necessarily against policies.

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