Thursday, November 6, 2008

BBC: pods and blogs - podcast review and source

Pods & Blogs is a short weekly podcast from BBC's radio 5. As with other BBC podcasts (such as In Our Time), this week's edition is available for download in the feed, the previous ones were removed already. The 24 minute program talks of notable blogs, podcasts and the on-line reality of today.

Although it is hard to fit Pods & Blogs in with the podcast categories I have devised and is carrying a different content than most of my regular podcasts, I have come to like it a lot and find it to be a great source of information. It sure helps to be in touch with the digital world at large, hear of other bloggers and podcasters (there are most of the time interviews with interesting bloggers and podcasters on this show), but most of all, I present it here as another source for finding new podcasts.

By all means, this is a light program. The tone of voice is easy-going and friendly bordering to the ironically humoristic. Also, the length of the show, 24 minutes (give or take 30 seconds) and a regular schedule (every week promptly), make it easy to pick up on, tune in and take away what you like. Whether it is about a Cameroonian who discovered podcast, the effect of the bloggosphere on the American elections and the latest fads on YouTube and Twitter.

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