Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dan Carlin's common sense

I like the loose style in which Dan Carlin makes his history podcast (Hardcore History), so decided to give his News and Politics podcast a try 'Common Sense'. I ran into an issue in which Dan Carlin ponders on losers.

The first part of the show he addresses in his monologue the losers of capitalist society, more specifically of the US today. He is in favor of capitalism, but beginning to worry there is a growing class of people failing in the rat race and becoming economically marginalized. He accepts a certain amount will always be there, but fears it is beginning to grow to be too big and will affect society at large.

In his opinion, this can be ascribed to globalization. In the globalized world, the lower class of the US has lost its jobs by means of outsourcing to lower wage countries. I wonder whether this is not the truest capitalism. And whether this is also the ugliest face of it: it must have a destitute mass that can work for hunger wages. I wonder also whether another item Dan discusses has something to do with it: the exaggerated defense spending of the US. The loose style is really nice and refreshing in the history program, but on current affairs I was less taken in by it.

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