Friday, November 7, 2008

Medicalhistory - podcast review

I have to admit I knew the podcast medicalhistory, which is an amateur podcast attempting to give some historical insight in the development of the medical science and profession. It is plagued by poor audio quality and didn't choose a didactic path that managed to bring me in and that is why I haven't written about it thus far.

Medical history is a fascinating and important subject though and we can hear some excellent issues in In Our Time and The Missing Link . So, there definitely is room and need for a good podcast on the subject. If medicalhistory pick up on the learning curve, it may just develop into that. And so, let us talk about the latest installment , which was, all deficiencies taken into account, a very laudable effort.

The aim was to show the transition the medical profession has gone through in the past two centuries and to give the acclaim to Michel Foucault, that is due in this respect. In spite of his faults, Foucault managed to clarify how the medical perspective shifted and consequently changed from a patient to a disease oriented profession. The consequences for the patients being rather to the detriment, even if the effectiveness of treatment was enhanced. In any case, it took the patient out of his home and into the medical ward. Foucault is not a terribly accessible writer and one that is not considered to have sufficiently made his theories sound, and as such presented the podcasters with quite conundrum as to how to convey the message.

The form that was chosen, was a scripted dialog between students. A good idea that has two major advantages for podcast: the variety of voices and the possibility to start at a low level of understanding. The script as it can be heard, certainly achieved to teach me the message, but made me cringe also. The audio was mediocre as usual. The acting was pretty poor and the scripted dialog lacked some dramatic punch.

So, the medical history podcast, is still trying to finds its direction, but it surely should be kept an eye on, by those who are keen on the subject.

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Karen in Scottsdale said...

Anne - Thank you again for providing the information I need to focus my attention on the podcasts worth spending time on. You save me so much time and trouble, and I know I can always count on your taste!

The Man called Anne said...

Thank you Karen, this is what I am trying to achieve with the blog. Always happy to find out when it actually works