Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matthew Gabriele's history podcasts

I was drawn to the Podcasts on Medieval Texts, because of a number of titles in the list. Beowulf, Malleus Maleficarum, Bartolomeo de las Casas; these are three out of a series of twenty one. Some research shows that the same series is on iTunes U, Virginia Tech, under the title HUM 1214 - Spring 2008. This is the product of assistant professor Matthew Gabriele, coordinator of Medieval & Renaissance Studies in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Virginia Tech.

The first impression is really good. We get a three to four minute introduction to the historical text and a couple of pointers how to read them. This is the kind of stuff I like. Obviously, this is the prologue of the course and an instruction for the students. The question is what we can do with it, us, the podcast listeners on the side-line.

We can only hope, there will be a follow-up where Gabriele is going to give some insight as to how he takes on the questions he shot at the students himself. If hie is going to do that, then this will be one of the best podcasts around. If not, it will be a genius standing on one leg, looking out of one eye and speaking with half a mind.

NB: One find leads to another. Virginia Tech offers also a podcast reflecting events on The Medieval & Renaissance Studies in the Department. Currently there is one lecture in the feed by Professor Joseph Miller about medieval and early modern Africa.

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