Sunday, January 27, 2008

Berkeley Spring 2008 has kicked off

Of course, I am behind on schedule with the latest Berkeley courses - how could I keep on track with about 10 hours of podcast on a weekly basis in addition to my regular listening? This means, some of my courses have already passed the overview lecture, but let's not get passed that yet. Here are the courses I have taken up:

English 117S: Shakespeare. Lecturer Charles Altieri has a voice with frequent upper pitches. He is very passionately introducing the Shakespeare course, but the high squeak is tough to suffer on an MP3-player. I like the enthusiasm, I like how he explains we must read (at least twice) in order to understand. So I will stick around and accept the pitch.

Geography 130: Natural Resources and Population. Nathan Sayre immediately enters the dialog with his audience. No hearing the students talk is not too bad, you can give a thought to the rhetoric yourself. Sayre shoots a couple of questions that challenge you to connect issues of population with resources and with other big contemporary issues such as global warming. It makes the listener very eager to get to the bottom of this.

History 181B: Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science. The course is delivered by Cathryn Carson who is both a historian and a physicist. Do you need to have basic knowledge in either of these disciplines to be able to follow? No, is the answer. We are expected to get some chemistry though (I am sweating already) and she may run some equations on the board (oh dear, visuals AND math). The beginning is great, let's hope this course turns out good for podcast.

On History 5 I will write in a separate post.

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