Monday, March 10, 2008

The podcasts that review podcasts

Last week I discovered two podcasts that do exactly what I do: review podcasts. These are Podwatch and That Podcast Show. I am not going to review them all the time, but I am looking for some way to keep you posted of their work. In the end, we complement each other.

This weekend the two of them released a new episode, with That Podcast Show commenting on Philosophy Bites - which is a podcast that I have reviewed myself a couple of times (see below). For me, this review shows the quality of That Podcast Show and I must say, they stand the test with flying figures. They are slightly less enthusiastic about Philosophy Bites, but their critique is very right: the podcast does too little to make the subject accessible to a wider audience. And it gives very simple pointers how to improve.

The other two podcast reviewed:
Tudorcast (expected here some time in March)
Girls Night In

Podwatch came out and -hey!- gave a plug to my blog. Apart from that there is the regular technology news and three podcast reviews.
The Digg Reel - isn't that actually a vodcast?
Buzz Out Loud - getting the highest acclaim. Especially for technology interested listeners this appears to be a hot item.

I think these to podcast review podcasts are very good and for all you podcast listeners out there a must-have source of information.

Philosophy Bites on Anne is a Man!:
Is war innate?

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