Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chanukah and the sale of Joseph

Occasionally I listen to the podcast by Rabbi David Bendory, especially when there is attention to parshat hashavua and then I like to compare with KMTT's lecture on the same parasha. We have just had parashat vayeshev in which Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. David Bendory gives a tentative talk about the connection between this incident, the way it was described in Torah and the upcoming festival of Chanukah. It seems to him there is a connection. He tries to find it through a chanukah Psalm and a text in elsewhere in Tanach.

While I am comparing, it seems to me that the talk of Rabbi Ismar Schorsch also made a connection, but I can't find it now. I wrote about this old podcast two days ago, while I was getting in the mood for Chanukah. While I cannot find the connection I am struck once again how Jewish teachings frequently concentrate on this kind of cognitive connections and parallels between historically and factually non-connected stories.
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