Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sex History Podcast

The Sex History Podcast. Allie, John and Randal speak of history as it is related to sex, that is, birth control and sexual liberation and more. Man is a sexual animal and has engaged in sex and therefore it is wholly possible and relevant to look at sex in history. As a matter of fact Professor Thomas Laqueur of History 5, the Berkeley lecture series on European History which is also a podcast has written a lot on the subject.

The Sex History Podcast is less serious, if less heavy handed. In a staged banter the three show hosts go over the subjects. The podcast is supplied in short, light issues. This is not your academic podcast. This is the kind of approach you'd love to have had in high school. Sex education not just in biology class, but also in history class. Makes a lot of sense.

Will this podcast make it to the class rooms? Well, it is labeled explicit, so, can we expect that?
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