Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wise Counsel talking to the client

Dr. David van Nuys has been interviewing many therapists on the Wise Counsel podcast, but always wanted talk to the client as well. In the 18th edition he does so. He speaks with the Dutch Laris MacPherson, who has benefited from therapy overcoming dysfunctional family, a bad marriage, eating disorder and ADHD and feels today better than ever.

The podcast takes the listener swiftly through the biography and series of treatments and developments Laris went through. Van Nuys manages to keep this organized and MacPherson succeeds in relating the tough stuff in a way that is pleasant to hear. The strength she has developed seems to shine through. I can feel with Laris, as I know both the eastern Netherlands as well as the underground Amsterdam atmosphere in which she struggled to survive. And I know from my own experience that that is no small feat.

I liked the change of perspective in Wise Counsel and hope that this is going to be a regular element in the series.
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