Thursday, June 28, 2007

Introduction to Philosophy - cuny podcast

Last year I took out my old copy of Plato's Politeia and sat down with a podcast from York College, the city university of New York. Together with the class I read along in Plato's book (they call it The Republic, but what's in a name?) and got all the explanations of Professor Howard Ruttenberg.

It is called Introduction to Philosophy, or Philosophy 103 and it was like being back at the werkcolleges in 1986. Ruttenberg has this uncanny attitude that is simultaneously funny, patronizing, patient and condescending but still kept me glued to the pod. It is unfortunate the students most of the time deserved a kick in the behind and it held up the interesting listening when the fumbled with questions and answers or outright showed up late and did not do their homework. Professor Ruttenberg spends a lot of time at educating them at being students, which of course - it goes without saying! hehehe - was wasted on me.

Nevertheless a riveting experience of being back at the university. For anybody into philosophy, go check this podcast out.


Anonymous said...

this podcast is very insulting to students,many of whom are better qualified than the speaker.

maybe if he was less patronising he might be better known

Anne the Man said...

I can see where you are coming from. I have to admit I was less bothered by it. I took it as a provocation to push me/us/the students into engagement.