Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An evolved controversy - Missing Link

The Missing Link Podcast opened a series which intends to investigate the history of the Evolution vs. Creation controversy. Host Elizabeth Green Musselman incorporates in the podcast the audio essays made by her students.

The series starts with an essay by John Burchfield and Shalane Giles, which intends to show the historic development of the scientific method. As Green Musselman points out in her introduction: the essay's pith is towards the scientific method in the way of Karl Popper. Hence the essay describes the development of naturalism, to empiricism, to theory testing. The culmination is a biography of Sir Karl himself.

There are a number of unanswered questions that pang me with this first installment. Why does Musselman suggest she herself doesn't agree with Popper's views, but does nothing to indicate what her criticism might be? The effect is that the essay is labeled with an alleged naivety before it even starts. Another is: why is the show titled 'the ghost in the machine'? Also: are all the installments going to be student essays? Then how will the subject be condensed and ordered?

Apart from these concerns, I am very excited about this subject. The Missing Link podcast keeps me glued to my iPod.

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