Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Noam Chomsky on Media Matters

The news podcast Media Matters, with Bob McChesney featured Noam Chomsky and his views that are not exactly middle of the road in the US.

Even though I do not agree with all of what Chomsky says, I find it refreshing to hear him. His cynicism about Israel is something one needs to hear, I think. If one applies a similar kind of cynicism to the Arab world, or to Hamas and Hezbollah the conclusions may be different.

That is where Chomsky, I feel, derails himself. You cannot help but feel in his remarks a subtext of praise for the regimes in Cuba and Venezuela and so the strongest element in his words are those of self-criticism. He rips off the mask of the diplomacy jargon and regular terminology in which the US and Israeli positions are usually portrayed. His words are to be kept in mind as a balance.

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