Sunday, September 28, 2008

Psychologist writer - podcast review

One of the recent editions of Shrink Rap Radio featured an interview with crime writer Roberta Isleib. For those who wonder why this shows up in Dr. Dave's feed and not in that of The Writing Show, one should know that David van Nuys has an affinity with creative writing and Isleib is not the first fictional writer interviewed on Shrink rap Radio.

One of Dr. Dave's favorite subjects is discussed with Isleib (who is a psychologist herself) as well: the way psychology and psychologists are portrayed in fiction, be it literature, TV or film. It turns out that this is one of the reasons Isleib has psychologist characters; to counter-weight what awful imaging goes on. She doesn't try to describe an ideal situation, but rather a more realistic one as opposed to some of the examples from film she describes.

Another subject for discussion is how psychology is helpful for the writer. Isleib acknowledges it is. It helps for giving characters a life-like feel and obviously for situations that involve therapy. As to writing about golfers - this is where the interview starts - I am sure it doesn't hurt.

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