Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indus Valley Civ - Engines of Our Ingenuity

The Engines of Our Ingenuity podcast usually touches upon technology. It looked rather strange and out of style it would pay attention to the Indus Valley Civilization. Nevertheless, I was inclined irresistibly to listen. The Indus Valley Civ is one of my favorite mysteries. One of those blind spots in my history knowledge I feel I must learn more about.

How much can you learn from a three minute podcast? It is a surprise how much indeed. And this befits the profound quality of this podcast series: every issue takes less than five minutes and every issue takes up a new subject, but every issue Lienhard and the other hosts prove again they can condense a subject into those three, four minutes and pass on a whole lot of knowledge and stir up some profound questions.

The Indus Valley Civ remains a mystery of course, but the EOI podcast manages to point out in three minutes why this is such a huge mystery and why there could be some very crucial information hidden from us in the soils of Pakistan and India and in the script of the Harappan and Mohenjo Daro cultures, that has not been cracked until today. So far, the civ looks like an extinct branch of humanity, but who knows what we may unveil how indirectly it has touched us, through Mesopotamia, maybe, Africa, China, Egypt, Crete or the steppes of Asia.

EOI - Hebrew and Yiddish,
Engines of Our Ingenuity,
Indus Valley Civ on David Kalivas's podcast.

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