Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Engines Of Our Ingenuity

A podcast about the machines that make our civilization run and the people whose ingenuity created them. How does that sound? History? Technology? Very serious in any case. This is how the podcast Engines Of Our Ingenuity presents itself in the introduction to each episode.

This is about where the seriousness of this University of Houston podcast ends. Speaker John Lienhard delivers a monologue of two hundred and twenty seconds. Those seconds, though seriously filled with facts and provoking thoughts, are rife with wit and irony. The result is a very charming and very short program that sheds light on some aspect of human progress - not necessarily even technological. The program is broadcast on Houston Public Radio and various other stations. And published as a podcast - luckily for us.

There are more light science, technology and history podcasts, but I have yet to hear one that wraps them all in so little time with so huge a result. A real gem in the world of educational audio.

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