Monday, May 26, 2008

Religion and Law in US society - History Podcasts

HIUS 155A is the code of a course at the University of California San Diego, which, upon closer inspection carries a number of varying subtitles. Whatever the subtitles are, the course, taught by Professor Michael Parrish, teaches the legal and religious foundations of the American Society until the Civil War. The follow-up is HIUS 155B, which continues until the present.

This course is part of a Program for the Study of Religion, but could, just as well, be a part of a legal studies program. This lecture series combines history, religion and law very closely. Parrish goes over the history of the religious and legal foundations of US society, entering both theology and legal theory. This is a history starts in Europe and consequently, kicks off with the reformation and even if the narrative is taken fast enough to the colonies, the European roots are widely brought to bare.

One must be aware of the low audio at the beginning of the podcasts. It takes invariably up to 5 minutes to finally reach an audible sound. One never misses much and eventually can catch on. Should the sound still be tad too low for you, you can consider to use a utility that I apply for various university lectures in order to enhance the volume: MP3gain. This is easy to use. After download, let MP3gain analyze the sound level of the files and then crank it up to a value between 90 and 100 db.

Comparable podcasts are:
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