Friday, May 16, 2008

Helen of Troy

Can you make a biography of a fictitious figure? TPN's The Biography Show tentatively thinks so. On account of listener requests, and the principle of having not just male, but also female biographies, Helen of Troy became the subject of show #3.

Hosts Cameron Reilly and David Markham go through great lengths to justify this choice. One of the major points being that the Greek and Roman literature about Troy have made such enormous impact in culture, so that one can say they are part of history. They are also effective in getting the story clear and make some entertaining commentary. That made it a very successful show as opposed to the previous one.

The second show was on Hammurabi. Historically a very interesting figure, but somehow, apparently, not fit for a 50 minute podcast. It was too much of Markham summing up what were the events and the meanings of Hammurabi, his reign and his law code. And now that we are comparing. The first show, about Alexander the Great rocked like this one about Helen of Troy. Hence, we are looking forward to the next issue which has been published yesterday: Sargon of Akkad.

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