Friday, May 16, 2008

Podcast listening for Beginners (3)

In the first post in this series, I gave the shortest way to listening to a podcast: clicking on it in the web and playing it in your browser or media player.
In the second, I explained how you can download and store podcast files.

Now we proceed and come to the same thing, but all in one environment, with the added capacity of finding new podcasts. Moreover, and more essential, here we also meet the indispensable subscription to podcasts: in iTunes. iTunes is a free application that allows you to find, store and play podcasts, as well as subscribe to them.

The installer can be downloaded here. Click the blue button, proceed according to the instructions. The installer file will be downloaded to your computer. Store wherever you want and after the install you can delete the file if you wish.

After the download you will have iTunesSetUp.exe on your computer. Double-click the file and proceed through the installation according to the instructions it prompts. (My advice is to go with the default settings the installer proposes. Apart from iTunes, it will also install QuickTime, which you will need on occasion.)

Once installed, iTunes will be the application that plays your MP3 files. Double-click any such file, iTunes will fire up and play. Every file that has been played once, will be stored in iTunes' local library and you can easily find this in the Music folder.

There is also a podcast folder and here is where you will become a true podcast listener. In this folder you will store and play your podcasts, from here you can find nearly any podcast and from here you can also copy them to an iPod or other player. Have you heard some criticism on iTunes here and there? That may well be, it may even have been me, but those issues hurt advanced users and they have advanced solutions. For the beginner and the moderately experienced podcast listener, iTunes is the ideal starting point.

Using iTunes to get podcasts will be the subject for the next article.

Downloading audio files from the web
Listening on line

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