Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Word Nerds - Language podcast review

The Word Nerds rapidly put out two excellent episodes last month. In stead of publishing one month apart, the issues came out within the span of a week: Show #105 Ambiguity and show #106, Linguistic Tics.

TWNBoth of them show what The Word Nerds do best. They leisurely tackle the 'nerdy' linguistic issue and build around it a forty minute show which is both entertaining and informative. They explain the subject, tell some relevant tidbits, relate some stuff they associate in the most natural tone. Then there is good music and the spicy rubric fo the 'Rude word of the Week'.

It is such a pleasure to listen to and the shows flow so freely, you hardly notice what hard work must have been put in. I cannot figure out whether the Nerds script their show, or do some fierce mixing or they interact so smoothly that the talk comes out as clear and connected as it does in the final result on the iPod. Great show on language and a great show by content and production result.

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