Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ancient History - Alternative Theories

Here is a funny history podcast that had me entertained, but also asking myself how long this can go on. And as if my suspicions were heard on some other plain - the podcast dropped out of cyberspace and has left us with one orphan episode and what episode.

Ancient History - Alternative Theories takes on the question how the ancient Egyptians were capable of building the big pyramids of Giza. The two hosts discuss the subject, summing up the accuracies and immense size of the great pyramid and seem to know really well what they are talking about. So, indeed, it is a great mystery how the old Egyptians, in the bronze age pulled this off. Gradually, the expose of the immense technical difficulties, begins to convey a subtext of fantasy.

The podcast dives into the approach that the Egyptians could not have built this alone. However, they are careful enough not to go straight for Erich von Daniken and extra-terrestrials or time travelers. And so I am still listening intently, waiting for some inventive rational explanation. So, the knowledge has gone lost, but the old Egyptians were quite the archivists, so their must have been records, if secret, of how to engage such gigantic building plan.

And then you get it, what was hanging in the air comes into effect. While discussing a possible secret chamber of knowledge, for example hidden under the Sphinx, they present as a source for knowing this chamber is there 'the American prophet Edgar Cayce'. Bingo! History with the psychics. If you are in to that, or in for a good laugh, go and try. But with serious historiography this of course has nothing to do.

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