Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Pope podcast - podcast review

The Pope Podcast is a typical example of an amateur podcast. Scott Bosse is excited about the history of the papacy and without having any scholarly knowledge, he embarks upon acquiring the information he he wants, feels he needs and on that basis he makes a podcast. (feed) On a pope per episode basis, he intends to chronologically work his way through the history. The episodes come out about twice a month (unless he needs more than one episode for one pope), take ten to twenty minutes and this promises a life span for year to come. And if my experience with amateur podcasts will apply here: episodes will become longer and deeper as Scott improves on his knowledge and podcasting skills.

In his introductory episode (charmingly the second, not the first), he show awareness of the magnitude of the task he has taken upon himself. But he seems not to be deterred, his personal life which involves a conversion to Roman Catholicism, brings in the inspiration and dedication.

So, here we have the kind of very promising, if not scholarly, history podcast. So far, from what I hear it is charmingly done and I trust there will be improvement allong the way. I may not listen to all of the popes, but pick up one of particular interest to along the way.

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