Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sargon of Akkad and Ramses II

TPN's The Biography Show has picked up speed and after a two month drought churned out three biographies in a month. The first was about Helen of Troy. Can you make a biography of a fictional character? TPN did it and I reviewed it some two weeks ago. The next two are historical figures though. Sargon of Akkad and Ramses II.

Hosts Cameron Reilly and David Markham do their usual dialog, where Reilly throws the questions and remarks and Markham explains and relates the historical overview. The greatest charm of this show is that you get your basic facts and outline delivered on an entertaining platter. Forty minutes of podcast to bring you back up to speed with these great historical figures. A good formula, well executed.

More TPN:
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Unknown said...

I quite enjoy this series.
It's a nice little look at some fascinating topics.
I like the interaction between Markham and Reilly. There was a moment on the Sargon episode where Markham was talking and I was internally screaming but what's the evidence. Fortunately Cameron Reilly asked exactly that question only seconds later. I see him as the listeners representative in the show.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jim, for the comment.

Yes, I think that is a very valuable point. By all means, this is an original and effective podcast thanks to the dialog method.