Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anne is a Man! - Small but growing

Dear Readers,

There are not terribly many of you. A hundred on a good day, but from what I see, your numbers are gradually increasing and you generally seem to appreciate what I am doing. I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and satisfaction you keep coming here.

The below graph shows the visitor statistics for Anne is a Man! (thanks to Statcounter):

I'll keep on blogging and hope to keep you reading. Thanks,



Unknown said...

Back from holiday - have downloaded too little to keep me going for two weeks.

Did enjoy Philip Harland's series on Paul though. Must catch up on related podcasts. Glad to see you still posting an abundance Anne!

Unknown said...

I love listening and find enough to write about. As you can see, the amount of interest is growing also, so posting is just as pleasant.
Good to see you around.

BTW did you consider commenting on Harland's blog?


Unknown said...

no actually,

but I will now you've suggested it - seems right.