Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Behind the News with Doug Henwood - podcast review

One of the many podcast recommendations I have been receiving over the past weeks, came from a regular reader of the blog. He recommends the podcast Behind the News with Doug Henwood, which is a commentary podcast on politics and economics with a leftist inclination.

After having taken a couple of issues on my player my impression is that the leftist element is tangible in two aspects. One is the choice of subject, for example there was a whole item about the history, position and future of worker unions in the US. The second is in the way in which the speakers and audience are implicitly assumed to share a preference for liberalism and the Democrats and for a leftist style of economic policy.

The items are rather invariably: an analysis of the latest politics and economics news, followed by two thematic interviews. The show is aired on a New York radio station, before it is finalized for podcast, which results in the occasional inserted update in between items. It makes for slight variations in audio feel, but the true difference in audio feel, which makes this podcast stand out is the choice of music. All in all, this is a good background podcast which apart from having a left focus is also very much centered on the US.

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