Wednesday, January 28, 2009

History of History - IOT podcast review

Before the week is over and the new In Our Time takes over the feed, I want to give a quick recommendation of the latest program. The history of history is a classical IOT that you should pick up, if you are an long time fan of IOT, if you are new to the show, if you are interested in history and if you are following the one history podcast after the other.

If anything, In Our Time is a program about the history of our culture. Needless to say, just as for any culture, history is important and this issue takes on the question how we have been shaping our narrative ever since we started retelling our past. Even if I can recount any specific aspect that stuck with me or any particular piece of interest - this is just generally relevant. And, as said, way into the heart of In Our Time's subject matter.

Lastly, I'd like to point to another piece of meta-history that has made it to podcast and that I have reviewed on this blog. Canadian broadcast TVO's podcast Big Ideas had a lecture by Margaret MacMillan, which pulls a nice twist to all this importance of historiography: over-indulgence in history. The massive application of historicist narrative to hammer down political and ideological points. History as a religion. She is the historian saying as it were: get your dirty hands off our discipline.

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