Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Three Shrinks Podcast

By chance I ran into the podcast My Three Shrinks. I was looking something up on the web about the podcast Shrinkrapradio and found a blog named Shrink Rap which is the written complement to the My Three Shrinks Podcast. There is no relation with Shrinkrapradio and it also has a slightly different focus. Shrinkrapradio is a psychology podcast. My Three Shrinks is a psychiatry podcast.

Three psychiatrists, Dinah, ClinkShrink and Roy, write in the Shrink Rap blog and speak as a panel in the podcast about subjects in psychiatry. As in other panel podcasts, the tone is very light, there are some inside jokes, or maybe running jokes, but there is also the serious talk on various subjects. In the latest show,which was the last of the year edition, they spoke about New Year Resolutions and answered questions received on the blog and discussed the podcast reviews they had on iTunes.

What I like very much about this podcast is the fact that is an enhanced podcast. The cast is also available in regular MP3, but the feed, by default pushes the MA4 format. Users like myself then can enjoy the segments of the show and view their separate titles. The light and natural conversation tone of the show have advantages and disadvantages; it makes it more fun to listen to, but at certain moments can interrupt the handling of the subject go in depth. All in all a good podcast for anybody interested in psychiatry.

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Dinah said...

Wow! Thanks both for including us and for steering us to your site.

Dinah the Shrink Rapper.

Unknown said...

You are welcome. Enjoy!

Roy said...

Great blog! (Not just saying that because of your positive review.)

You are the first I know of that has brought up the .m4a format, and that it is easy to skip to the different sections. As the producer of the podcast (via Garageband), I am pleased to hear that someone appreciates the time and effort I put into this feature. I could get the shows out a lot quicker if I just slapped up the .mp3, but there is an added value to being able to skip to the topic that interests you most.

Also, please consider adding a "psychiatry" label to your labels for this podcast, so that people searching for the combined labels "podcast" and "psychiatry" might find it.


Unknown said...

Yes, I am very fond of the enhanced form of podcast. It is far from regular, but it has some obvious advantages. Eventually I expect it to become standard, as it allows for navigation, which is elementary in new media.

I am already considering adding psychiatry as a category. Bear with me.