Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mail from a happy reader on Anne is Man!

From: Karen Roth
To: Anne Frid de Vries
Sent: Sunday, 7 September, 2008 18:39:06
Subject: your reviews are indispensable to me

Dear Anne,

I can't thank you enough for your blog. I'm lucky enough to have a job, hobbies, commute, and home life that allow me to listen to podcasts several hours a day. Until I found your site (via recommendation on the Historyzine podcast) I was running out of quality shows. I have found other podcast reviewers focus either too narrowly on a specific subject (e.g. physics for physics majors/professionals) or too broadly to a general (and, though it sounds patronizing, pedestrian and tasteless) audience. Your reviews are, for me, just right. Your taste is excellent, your reviews informative and honest, and your site setup makes it so easy for me to locate and subscribe to casts.

I am amazed by all the altruism on the web. From freeware to reviews so many people have enriched my life out of the goodness of their hearts. Thank you again for your help and all the time and effort you put in to making quality podcasts known. You're a mensch.

Karen Roth
Scottsdale, AZ

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Anne the Man said...

Thank you Karen,

I am speechless.