Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The first Anne is a Man audio Promo - by Jim Mowatt

38 seconds PROMO for Anne is a Man:

This is my first audio promo. Jim Mowatt of the Historyzine podcast did the text and I fumbled with some podsafe music by Muzyka Dawna from Poznan (Poland). If you appreciate my blog and especially if you were happy with a review you found here, I invite you to play this promo on your podcast or place it on your website. Let me know, when you do.

You can download the promo or embed it. To embed, first click the 'SHARE' link on the player above. Then copy the code to clipboard and then paste it into the code of your web page.

I'll continue to work on the subject of audio promo's, so keep posted.

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1 comment:

Anne the Man said...

The PROMO has been played at the Celtic Myth Podshow #16 (link)
Thank you Ruth and Gary of the Celtic Myth Podshow