Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time to start again

It is the third or fourth time I start a blog. There is so much I write about and so much more I want to write about, I have to have a blog. I figured that out years ago, it just didn't work so far. It is your proper self-doubt, mixed in with more of the rest of a fears and lethargy that haunt me, which has kept me from maintaining, blogs or otherwise.

OK, so here goes one more time. Let's hope this time is for real.

The blog is not going to be about one thing. Fun as it may be that my name is Anne, while being a man. And though I could extend this whole identity blur with more stuff: I am Israeli, but no Jew. I may look Israeli, but I was born Dutch. I may be Dutch, but I am so glad to be away from that land, and wouldn't want to return, not for a million dollars. I want to regard myself as a Jew, although I was baptized as a Protestant Christian, but I live the life of any average secular Jew and then הלכה gets in the way. I flirt with conversion, but usually I am put off -- lots to write about that. I wish I could convert from a secular Christian, or a secular Nothing for that matter to a secular Jew, but for the time being no such thing exists.

And I could go on. There is and has been so much confusion around my person, that I could endlessly write about my identity.

I'd like to write about my creative writing as well. I'd like to publish my recipes; I write down what I cook anyway, so why not on the web? And I'd like to write about podcasts. I am an avid podcast listener.

Oh and one more thing: this blog is not going to be in one language. Expect English, Dutch and Hebrew. That's me.

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