Thursday, May 10, 2007

Anne is a Man!

My name is Anne, yet I am a man. Who'd challenge me? I am biologically a man, that is a fact. Apart from that, anyone who sees me has no doubt I am a man. The funny thing is, should I feel I am a woman and want a sex change operation and legally become a woman named Anne. In this day and age that is possible. One could say, I have complete freedom to discover and exercise my identity. I am fine being a man, though. In spite of all the confusion it causes, I am even perfectly happy with the name Anne. It has been suggested I'd change my name, but no one has ever remotely shown signs to require that of me. The idea that I would have to assume a female identity or be denied a male identity for having the name Anne, would be ridiculous by all standards.

As a result of going through life with such a name makes me somewhat indifferent of what labels may be applied to me. I know I am a man called Anne, and even though I have to reconquer that identity time and again, it doesn't make me lesser a man or less entitled to the name Anne. In other words, going through life being the man called Anne, makes me very self-conscious of my identities and rather indifferent of what others make of it. I am the first to know that I am and what I choose to be.

Yet, even if I hadn't been born with the name Anne, or had I not moved away from that remote part of this earth where men are named Anne, still one is not born a man. One is born a boy and no matter how obvious the course of affairs, in many ways, every man has to acquire his identity. Being called Anne while trying to become a man, makes that ordeal hardly any different, only maybe a tad more conscious and possibly sometimes, more confusing, just as any other identity in life. Having succeeded once though, probably thanks to adverse circumstances, the heightened self-consciousness allows one to be ever more determined to obtain and maintain any desired identity regardless of social conventions.
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