Saturday, August 11, 2007

Psychology, Political science and Sociology podcasts

This post is regularly updated. It gives a list of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology podcasts .

Shrink Rap Radio, (review, site, feed).
A podcast series hosted by Dr. David van Nuys, who interviews mainly psychology professionals and the occasional client, or other non-professionals somehow involved in the field of psychology. In addition, on every edition of Shrinkrapradio contains Dr. Dave addressing his audience establishing a community feel to the regular podcast listeners. The podcast represents Dr. Dave's personal preferences in psychology subjects, heavily leaning on Jung and spiritually characterized psychology.

Wise Counsel, (review, site, feed).
Wise Counsel is a spin off from Shrinkrapradio. Dr. Dave has been hired by Mental Help Net, to do the interviews with professionals or clients and within a more stringent professional and academic version of psychology, if compared to SRR. Also there is no community investment.

Jung Podcast
A monologue style podcast featuring Canadian psychologist John Betts, teaching the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

Dutch psychotherapy podcast. Rob Zondag komt aan het woord over de ins en outs van de IMET techniek, een behandelmethode voor mensen die lijden aan angst-, dwang-, eet- of identiteitsproblemen. De stichting IMET heeft ook een betaalde audio voor cursisten in de IMET opleiding.

Psychology courses at Berkeley; recorded lectures.
General Psychology Fall 2004, Fall 2006, Fall 2007
Psychology of Personality Fall 2004, Fall 2005
Buddhist Psychology Fall 2005
Clinical Psychology Spring 2006, Fall 2006
Social Psychology Fall 2006, Spring 2007 (I tried this one, but dropped out)
Drugs and Behavior Fall 2006
Human Emotion Fall 2006, Fall 2007
Research and Data Analysis in Psychology Spring 2007
Developmental Psychology Fall 2007

Podcasts that touch upon psychological subjects, or have psychological implications
In Our Time The history of thought
Prosperity show Your relation with money
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe Panel podcast dedicated to taking on superstition, pseudo-science and the gullibility of the public.
Simek s'Nachts Dutch Podcast. Martin Simek interviewt en legt de nadruk op de psychologie van de geinterviewde. Sinds enige maanden is dit geen podcast meer, maar wel als stream te beluisteren.
UC Podcast University lectures held at various academies all around the world, occasionally engaging in psychology.
Your Purpose Centered Life Podcast about how to establish meaning in your life.
zencast Buddhist podcast.

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Saeed said...

One course I would like to highlight is "Distributed Cognition" from USCD. As always, one has to access UCSD podcasts during the quarter the courses are being taught, because the university pulls these off soon thereafter.

This one is a gem, and introduces concepts that are quite radical and yet intuitive.

An added bonus is that the course materials including slides can also be accessed to supplement the course

Anne the Man said...

Thanks Saeed, when was that one last held?

Sara said...

Hi again!

You might also like some programs from Radio National (Australia).

'All in the mind' is an excellent, weekly podcast focussing on science and psychology.

'The Spirit of Things' is an hour-long weekly podcast focussing on religion and spirituality.

'Late Night Live' with Philip Adams is a wonderful interview program with an emphasis on current affairs, politics and history. Philip Adams is a national treasure - and such a gifted interviewer.

Hope these suggestions are of interest :)