Friday, August 17, 2007

Arts and Culture Podcasts

This post is regularly updated. It gives a list of cultural podcasts with the accompanying thoughts I have about them.

Inspired Minds, (review, site, feed).

The Deutsche Welle cultural podcast, in each episode paying attention to one artist.

Times talks, (review, site, feed).

Times Talks is a podcast of the New York Times. It is a recording of a talk before a live audience at the Times Center with figures from American Culture.

Celtic Myth Podshow, (review, site, feed).

A wide variety of stories from the Celtic traditions, that is Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish and from Brittany. The way the show brings the tales is traditional: by telling them. The way they phrase it themselves is: 'bringing the tales and stories of the ancient Celts to your fireplace.' 

Irving Poetry podcast, (review, site, feed).

The Irvings read their amateurish poetry like characters from (the real) John Irving's A prayer for Owen Meany. John Irving and Chris (Christine) Irving, are like the Rev. Dudley Wiggin and his wife Barb (Barbara) Wiggin, only they left the Episcopalian Church to become pagans. And they are no longer reinventing the Christmas Pageant, but instead engage in bland, free verse, they call poetry. Just as the Rev. Wiggin, Mr. Irving is a former pilot and has a warring influence in his language.

Forgotten Classics (review, site, feed)

Listen to Julie reading from her classics and other selected texts.

Namaste Stories (reviewsitefeed)

A total immersion podcast. The host makes the music, writes the (very literary) text and reads it, with a restrained passion that is mesmerizing.

New World Orders (reviewsitefeed)

A thriller and conspiracy plot brought to audio by a team that alternately seem to take the genre seriously and then seem to mock it a bit by using all the cliches of the trade.

Entitled opinions  (reviewsitefeed)  

From Virgil to the Virgin Mary, from the historical Jesus to Athenian Democracy; Entitled Opinions, with its braggadocious title, earns it.

Behind the Black Mask (reviewsitefeed)

Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards sit down with Crime/Mystery/Noir authors and dissect their work.

Out of the past (reviewsitefeed)

An examination of films influenced by the Film Noir movement.

Science Fiction and Politics (reviewsite, feed)

Political Science course using ideas in SciFi novels as illustration.

Welcome to Mars (reviewsitefeed)

Creator Ken Hollings collects non-fiction oddments about the fantastic futuristic world of the fifties.

Red Panda (reviewsitefeed)

Audio drama full of kung-fu and snappy dialog. You will love it most for the wonderful characters and their dialog.

Night's Knights (reviewsitefeed)

A gritty piece of fiction effectively working the art of horror.

7th Son (reviewsitefeed

A thriller trilogy so compelling I couldn't stop listening.

Naxos Classical Music Spotlight Podcast (review, site, feed)

Promotional podcast for Naxos records.

Schlaflos in Muenchen (review, site, feed)

The legendary audio blog  by Annik Rubens. (German Language Podcast)

Oy Mendele! (review, site, feed)

A discontinued podcast ironically subtitled Jewish Media Conspiracy

Sonic Society (review, site, feed)

Podcast dedicated to audio drama. The style is very cartoonish - you have got to like that.

Writing Show (review, site, feed)

The podcast where writing is always the story. All angles and aspects on writing, getting published and making a buck out of your greatest passion.

Midwest Writer (review, site, feed)

Here is a podcast that will help you write your novel. Writer Jean Tennant takes you step by step through the process. There is nothing specifically Midwest about this, other than that Tennant is from the Midwest.

English 117S, (review, site, feed).

Professor Charles Altieri very passionately introduces Shakespeare by means of the most important works.

In Our Time, (review, site, feed).

BBC four's program about the history of thought. Show host Melvyn Bragg meets weekly with three outstanding academicians to discuss subjects varying from historic persons and occurrences to scientific and philosophical issues in their historical perspective, giving a deep insight in culture. As far as quality is concerned this podcast ranks among the very best. The only drawback comes from it being a radio program: it is not flexible to the length. It is also a pity the feed offers no more than the last show. But the on line archives disclose every show.

Africa Past and Present (review, site, feed)

A podcast from Michigan State University acquainting us by means of interviews with interesting people with the continent and cultures of Africa.

Geography of World Cultures, (review, site:Stanford on iTunes U, feed).

Enhanced podcast (maps are added to the audio) about the spread of languages and religions in the world. We see that the political and cultural boundaries are not the same as the boundaries of language and religion.

Simek 's Nachts

Interviewprogramma van Martin Simek. In de podcast wordt in verband met de rechten de muziek weggeknipt. In de stream volledig te beluisteren.

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Thank you for the recommendation. I will look into Peopletalk