Monday, August 13, 2007

Science Podcasts

This post is regularly updated. It gives a list of Science podcasts with the accompanying thoughts I have about them. All my reviews on these podcasts can be found under the label science.

Distillations (review, site, feed)
Chemistry podcast. Varied program with Chemistry Education, Chemistry facts and history.

Engines of our Ingenuity (review, site, feed)
Short podcasts shedding an ironic light on progress, technological and otherwise

Are we alone? (review, site, feed)
Scientific musings around extraterrestrial life. That is, astrobiology.

Bioethics podcast (review, site, feed)
A podcast about ethics in the realm of medical technology and bio-technology with a clear fundamentalist Christian signature.

Talking Robots (review, site, feed)
A podcast about robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Talking Robots podcasts take around 20-30 minutes and contain interviews, very proficiently conducted by Sabine Hauert with specialists from the field.

Biota Podcast (review, site, feed)
A collection of interviews, conference lectures and conversations with artificial life developers, academics and users.

Ape Reality (review, site, feed)
Ape Reality is a free 10-15 minute audio podcast relating to the Noble Ape development and the Noble Ape Simulation recorded by Noble Ape creator, Tom Barbalet.

Physics for future Presidents (review, site, feed)
Also known as Descriptive Introduction to Physics. What every world leader needs to know about physics. Professor Richard Muller shows an amazing talent translating physics to daily practice.

Radiolab (review, site, feed)
WNYC's radio program about science.

Skeptics' Guide to the Universe (review, site, feed)
Discussion Panel style Podcast dedicated to the promotion of science and reason, the investigation of paranormal and pseudo scientific claims, improved standards of education for science and critical thinking skills.

Science Friday (NPR), (review, site, feed)
Popular science program

Replaceable You (Stanford) (reviewsitefeed)
Stanford's third lecture series about stem cell research and all that is involved in the field. This series concentrates on the subject of regenerative medicine.

Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics (Stanford), (review, site:Stanford on iTunes U, feed)
Five lectures covering the techniques, the research, the law and the ethical issues of stem cell research.

Straight talk about stem cells (Stanford) (review, site, feed)
Technology, law and ethics around stem cell research.

In Our Time, (review, site, feed).
BBC four's program about the history of thought. Show host Melvyn Bragg meets weekly with three outstanding academicians to discuss subjects varying from historic persons and occurrences to scientific and philosophical issues in their historical perspective. As far as quality is concerned this podcast ranks among the very best. The only drawback comes from it being a radio program: it is not flexible to the length. It is also a pity the feed offers no more than the last show. But the on line archives disclose every show.

The Missing Link, (review, site, feed).
A history podcast that delivers two essays per issue. The aim is to portray the history of science, but does not do so in a programmatic way, the essays are stand alone subjects.

Wise Counsel, (review, site, feed).
Dr. Dave has been hired by Mental Help Net, to do the interviews with professionals or clients and within a professional and academic version of psychology.

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Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

HIstory of science podcasts:

Anne the Man said...

Very good, Michael.
there is a list that I recognize in part and for the rest, obviously, contains some hot tips.

thanks a lot. You will be reading of these podcasts on my blog in the coming weeks