Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pffp solves UFO incident in Roswell New Mexico

In July 1947 the army air force reports having found flying disks. A couple of days later this is reiterated and it is claimed by the government that in stead a weather balloon had crashed. Physics for future presidents' first lecture on waves starts with this incident that gave rise to more UFO stories than any other. Professor Muller captures our attention with: "when the army said it had found flying disks, it told the truth. When the government said a weather balloon had crashed, it was lying." At the end of the lecture the flying saucer story is debunked.

My knowledge and understanding of waves consisted of a couple of loose ends and uncertainty about facts. Sound travels faster in water, doesn't it? The Pffp lectures on waves sort this all out. It establishes order and sense in radio waves, sonar, sofar, sound, music, tsunamis and earthquakes. And in the end it gives the facts and a satisfactory explanation of Roswell New Mexico 1947. Listen for yourself.
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