Sunday, May 13, 2007


If I were to write an introduction into podcast listening, I'd start out to state podcasting for me has pushed talkradio to the edges of the universe. Podcasts are better, deeper, more diverse and you can get them on a play by need basis, talkradio has none of that.
Another great point for podcasts is the educational value. Listening to a podcast is a great way of getting to know your way around in any kind of subject. Great universities are beginning to fathom the possibilities and are publishing their lectures as podcasts. Professionals also deliver podcasts on their subject and if you browse the directories for educational podcasts you'll find a plethora of subjects and entry levels.

Shrinkrapradio is a podcast that brilliantly combines these two outstanding qualities of podcast. It is a podcast on the subject of psychology and the presenter Dr. David van Nuys takes the listener on a tour through the varied fields of the discipline. His voice is great, his sound quality very professional and he delivers consistently on a weekly basis, issues that are around an hour long. Needless to say this is very educational if you are interested in psychology, but that is not all.
Dr. Dave has a great talent as a show host and interviewer and thus produces with his shows, in addition to the educational value the high level entertaining experience that made me a talkradio listener in ancient times.

The latest edition with an interview with Dr. Tobin Hart about his research on Children's Spirituality (#89 - The Secret Spiritual World of Children) is exemplary of the qualities Dr. Dave delivers with Shrinkrapradio. Great chemistry between him and Tobin Hart, wonderful subject, amazingly pleasant atmosphere, informative, thought provoking - what have you. If you are interested in psychology this show is a must have. But even if you are only remotely interested in the field, but love good quality podcasting this show is well worth a try and likely to get you hooked just like me.

Thumbs up for Dr. Dave. All the psychology you need to know and just enough to make you dangerous. :)
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