Monday, June 18, 2007

Shrinkrapradio meets Kelly Bulkeley

Edition 93 of shrinkrapradio, is once again a most exciting and inspirational podcast. For anyone who intends to listen, a small word of warning: the sound quality is not good this time around. It is the price many podcasts pay, from time to time, as they are actually recorded phone conversations via phone applications such as Skype. The connection sometimes is less than favorable. Nevertheless, Dr. David van Nuys is at his best again in this interview with Kelly Bulkeley.

I'll give a few teasers of what is discussed in the podcast. Dreams of terminal patients and surrounding issues on the end of life. The question whether persons of different political persuasion or different religions have different dreams. And my favorite: what do the great advances in neuro-science mean for 'soft' areas such as dream research (or psychology in general). Kelley Bulkeley is an exciting speaker on these subjects and first off he inspires the interviewer Dr. Dave to come up with some very alert and to the point questions.

The result is a jewel for the listener. In spite of the bad audio, the best podcast in its kind.

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