Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shrinkrapradio on Freud and Jung

On the subject of psycho-analysis, I guess, I have been very much influenced by Karl Popper, who rejected, specifically Freudian theory as unscientific on account of it being irrefutable. Freud was notorious at bending facts to his theories. An example I recall from my studies was that one day supposedly, a client told Freud a dream that Freud couldn't make heads or tails from and consequently Freud interpreted the dream as the client's subconscious subversiveness into dreaming a dream that could not be interpreted.

A more serious fault rather in the theory than in the person of Freud, is the introduction of the idea of a subconsciousness. It is also illustrated by Douglas Davis, who is interviewed on Shrinkrapradio, that once the assumption behavior can be subconsciously motivated is acceptable, a person's conduct can be attributed to any motivation, whether aware or not. Consequently, when two great psycho-analysts - Freud and Jung - became friends, their relationship was subject to the pitfall of interpretation from the subconscious from the git go.

The discussion of the letters between Freud and Jung that Dr. Davis gives on Shrinkrapradio goes much further than touching on this pitfall, but I just can't help but expecting the great falling out between these men, even if I hadn't known about it in advance. Or maybe it is as it goes with passionate relationships: they must end in a dramatic parting.

The contemplation on the podcast, what greatness could have come from an ongoing cooperation between these great minds, is compelling, yet at the same time an almost unthinkable what-if. In any case. Douglas Davis is a great speaker and elegantly recounts the history, admirably stimulated to do so, by the ever praiseworthy Dr. David van Nuys of Shrinkrapradio.

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