Sunday, July 15, 2007

In Our Time on summer recess

We have had the last two issues of In Our Time. Last week about the pilgrim fathers and this week about the trial of Madame Bovary. IOT will be back by the end of September. It sure is going to be quiet without this fantastic podcast.

Not only us, also the host Melvyn Bragg is at a loss how he is going to do without the show.
To be off for two months is part of the BBC schedule and totally
understandable, but I already feel the loss of In Our Time. The loss, that is, of facing up to three excellent, first-rate academic minds every week and listening to them, while trying to steer a course through subjects which sometimes are at the very edge of, or over the edge of, my radar. What do I do for the next few days for the indiscriminate reading? The autodidactic fix?
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