Monday, July 2, 2007

Intermediate mindfulness

On the zencast podcast you are instructed in various ways to mindfulness. Gil Fronsdal has no started an intermediate level course into mindfulness generally. This is in an attempt to widen the strengths of the introductory course. What is good about the course, what is good about the repetitiveness of having courses and what needs to be extended. Fronsdal also reveals he is inclined to feel a bit embarrassed if he repeats himself. However, when it is in the framework of a course, and a repeated course, for that matter, he feels less hampered.

As a podcast, this series takes off on a slow start. In the first issue there is a long sitting (meditation) in the middle and that provides for a long silence on the pod. The second issue starts off with questions. Though the recording qualitey has dramatically increased and the questions are entirely audible, still, these silences and questions make the podcast listener rather detached from the course. It takes therefore considerable effort and intent, not to say mindfulness of the podcast, in order to make this course work through the recordings rather than by being present.
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