Monday, July 9, 2007

Low Audio

Here is a very useful hint for podcast listeners (and mp3 player users in general). For it happens frequently you have to deal with audio files that have a very low volume level. For example, I am struggling my way through the podcast lectures of Professor Muller: Physics for future presidents. I have reached quantum physics and need all the attention I have to follow. But Muller has reached an audio level that is so low, I cannot even listen to the cast in my car. Well, it is summer, the air conditioning is stronger than usual, but still. The only place where I can get to the excited states of electrons and see if I can get a grasp on the workings of plasma screens and laser printers is in my bed.

Every father of young children knows the sleep deprivation that comes with bringing up the adorable brats. As a result, the bed is causing instant sleep and no quantum mechanics can stop me. I have to go over the lectures many times and still miss out onm them.

The solution is to enhance the audio and luckily there is a utility to do so. It is called mp3gain and it can be downloaded for free. One has to doctor the mp3 files before listening and then you will not have to turn the volume as loud as you used to in order to get the same level. Great stuff.

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