Friday, August 3, 2007 podcast

The council of foreign relations carries two podcasts. One is the events podcast, about which I have written in the past, that gives out recordings of CFR conferences and panel discussions. This time I will comment on the generic podcast.

On a weekly basis one of the CFR representatives has a short conversation with an expert in one field or another and interviews him about his specialty. I find the issues a bit too short. For a weekly interview podcast I could do with a little more information. The latest I hear was about terrorist threats in Europe and what the various European countries are doing about that. The conversation with the specialist, Michael Jacobson (photo), takes less than five minutes.

A weekly podcast that is more than a monologue can easily last twenty minutes. I am sure it wouldn't hurt for mr. Jacobson to stay a little longer on the phone. I am sure the CFR can cook up some more questions and I think it goes without saying that the interested listener is intent on hearing much more than just a superficial outline of how Europe is prepared to deal with terrorism.

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