Thursday, October 18, 2007

The daily Whiplash (1)

Today, Thursday, things are brightening up a bit. Until the day before yesterday I suffered tremendous pains. Yesterday pains were much less, but I felt groggy like a drunk. Today even that has improved. There is still a little pain, also after taking pain killers, but not the kind that drives one up the wall.

The feeling is only mildly miserable and mildly unstable. What remains an insufferable element of the party is the maze of bureaucracy. I have seen around eight doctors by now and am about to see at least three more and each one of them has his own quirks. In any case none of them has any time for me and the surrounding secretaries just as much as them act as if I am a nuisance, a disturbance and generally stand in their way onto infinitely more important, if not pleasurable activities, so what the hell am I doing here. Similarly works the insurance. The only pleasant exceptions were the Police and most of all the garage that repaired the car.

So far so good, I'll keep you posted.

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