Friday, October 19, 2007

The daily Whiplash (2)

Yesterday was a very good day for the most part. With the help of pain killers I hardly had any pain at all until late in the afternoon. During those hours I managed to pick up the repaired car and get a whole lot of forms filled out for the insurance. I even managed to go out and have lunch with my wife. (In the Persian style restaurant Edna in Ramat HaSharon)

But then the old pains returned and this morning I am back to where I was on Wednesday and Tuesday. Still, I hope to take the half day of rather good health as a good sign. A sign of progress and recovery. I like to assume that the process is circular. Just as the pains come in waves and the stiffness. And the worst days were Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and not the immediate aftermath on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A level of feeling good such as Thursday, I hadn't had yet.

PS: Whiplash in Wikipedia.
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